Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ethos - A Highly Recommended Video

Ethos, presented by twice Oscar nominated actor Woody Harrelson, dedicated to the American historian Howard Zinn, is one of the best that I've watched. 

This Youtube presentation is more comprehensive and coherent than most, including Zeitgeist, and presented in an easily understandable fashion. The only weakness is the final few minutes. The "solution" suggested seems far-fetched. If consumers could become wise and responsible en masse, they would change their political tragedy directly rather than exercising consumer power. 

I suppose this contrived conclusion is a reflection of the sad and scary fact that there isn't any solution they could utter publicly; but they feel obliged to put forward something "constructive" at the end of this excellent production.   

In a sense, the American people are the first victims of the Money Emperor. The USA, unknowing to most, is de facto occupied colony, providing labour and arms to fulfill the grotesque ambitions of the Real Powers That Be to rule the world from their invisible throne. 

Here's the link:  An enjoyable film to watch in any event. 

Guo Du 1 May 2013

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