Monday, 29 August 2011

The Beautiful North (1) - Finland 美丽北国(1)-芬兰

Finland, an unassuming name representing five million tenacious people doing their own quiet thing so far up north, can be easily overlooked. A modern country with deep traditions, many things about Finland are poles apart. In the summer, the sun never sets. In the winter, it barely rises. The language is unique, mysteriously unrelated to none of its imposing neighbours. The taciturn Finns are expert in communications. While the country is generally meticulous, the Helsinki airport can be inexplicably chaotic when you least expect it.

In my story Man's Last Song, there's a passage on the lakes of Finland in Chapter 2-3 "Isa's Ashes"


在「笙歌」第二章之3 「爸爸的骨灰」 中,可以看到幾段描述芬蘭湖景的文字:

A few pictures from Finland 看看芬蘭:

Most Finns are related to a summer house in the forest, by the lake

Summer Moon at Midnight

Finland has 188,000 lakes and 179,584 islands

It can be windy at times 刮风的日子
Bird house 雀屋
It's only natural to expect gnomes in this setting

Lakeside sauna house
Sauna is an important part of Finnish family life

Lots of clean water to wash potatoes

Raclette "hotpot" after sauna

Late night by the lake, a lone gull . . .

The bread on the ceiling was a housewarming present from 1951. Things don't grow moldy!

Lake view 1 of 188,000 十八万分之一的湖景
A gleaming vista . . . 漾漾柔波,就是这个样子