Thursday, 30 January 2014

"A Head" in the Year of the Horse 马年头头是道

Happy New Year

I took a few photos to wish you happy and ahead in the 
Year of the Horse!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

How Many Earths?三千大千世界图?

According to a New Scientist presentation (, a simulation based on data collected by the Kepler Telescope suggests roughly 10 to 30 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way which might harbour life. The Milky Way is of course just a speck of dust in the cosmos - less than "a grain of sand in the Ganges". Isn't this is an excellent scale to measure the disproportionate self-importance of Homo sapiens?

“新科学家”(报导:用“开普勒望远镜”数据所作出的估计指出,单在银河系就有100 到 300亿与地球相似的星球,可能有生物存在。而银河系在宇宙中只不过“恒河一沙”。“三千大千世界”这形容词似乎一点也不夸张。反正人类对自己的“独特”和重要性,随时高估了几十万亿倍!令我禁不住要学和尚们作偈自娱:

三千大千   但求方便
恒河沙多   何必细算
微尘满布   点滴唯心
安于当下   妙在无穷