Friday, 22 March 2013

HK Vista: The Centre 香港现象之:中环中心

It was a rare occurrence: I saw the shot in my mind when passing by during the day, and actually returned with the camera to capture it at dusk. This is a very Hongkong vista to me. Rather than interpreting too much into it, I'd like to just share the colourful contrast with you. 


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gravity still exists! -- a small triumph for 911-Truth 英国法官对 911 的间接判决

Three cheers for the Britons who achieved this small but significant recognition of Sir Isaac Newton's laws of statics and dynamics. They are lucky to have judges who recognise the impossible as being impossible; it's not something that can be taken for granted! 

Check out the Architects and Engineers’ latest report on the ruling in Horsham on Monday 18 March 2013. Watch the video interview of Tony Rooke:

911 这出违反牛顿定律的荒诞骗局,经美国工程师和建筑师们十多年来的不懈努力,开始渐露原形。英国法官在 2013年3月18日的判决,间接承认了BBC发有烟大炮的事实,有可能是整件世纪血案的一个转捩点,可大可小。可惜香港的民主应声虫们,没有有足够水平学习它们最崇拜的来路 avtivist 们寻求真相的科学精神。

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Kissinger's "On China" - Not Quite A Book Review

Instead of a proper review, this is more like a sketch of the thoughts which struck me while reading Henry Kissinger’s On China. Kissinger is one of the best known maestros of imperial atrocities, having involved with many highly controversial events, some of which absolutely indefensible. To write this "review", I've completely omitted Kissinger the person here in order to focus on his book On China.

In the past, writers were often individuals who saw things differently. Being different helped them to highlight alternative perspectives and popular social ills. Once in a while, they turned out to be right, and even listened to; and their visions delivered impact. Nowadays, books are written for a mass market. Guided by publishing preferences, more and more writers build their positions on opinion polls and market surveys. It is therefore refreshing to read Kissinger who, at nearly 90, has neither the time nor incentive to appease popularised prejudice.


其实这不是书评,而是读基辛格的“有关中国”(On China)壹书时的少许感受。