Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Mystery of Stupidity

STUPIDITY, a 21st century bliss, seems a Darwinian mystery at first. 

Idiot genes don’t serve any obvious evolutionary purpose, yet are present in prodigious abundance. How did that happen? Perhaps people supported imbeciles because they’re cute? After all, plenty of garbage DNA, such as those that make pooches, are bred for their adorably lack of intelligence. 

But people rarely adore idiots like they do poodles. In fact, even dummies despise idiots. Unlike folks sharing other handicaps, there is little evidence of solidarity among the stupid. One possible reason is that fools don’t know themselves to be stupid, therefore unable to recognise their own kind.

Idiots don't survive on sympathy either. Even unconditional liberals tend to be unkind to idiots. People refuse to understand that nobody is dumb by choice, so it’s not really the dummies’ fault.

After much thinking, I've come up with two dumb explanations.



用今天的眼光去看,笨因子對人類的進化毫無貢獻,卻在智人的基因庫中坐大,實在令人費解。難道古人覺得笨蛋趣怪好玩,所以收養繁殖?又或許傻人一副可憐相,能夠博取大眾同情?動物世界中也的確存在不少垃圾染色體, 靠蠢來換取生存空間,開枝散葉。城市裡家家戶戶養著寵著呵護著,每條不足五斤重的尖聲小狗便是一個例子。


大家對笨蛋都沒有好感,不會待之以「狗禮」或施之以愛心。甚至連蠢豬也不會善待笨蛋,經常大罵 「你媽的死蠢豬!」 。我看不出蠢人之間有任何互助互愛的團結精神。個中原因,可能是蠢人都像我們一樣沒有自知之明,懵然不知所罵者是同類也!



「蠢者生存」 這個社會現象,似乎與達爾文先生的進化論大相徑庭。不過再經分析,則覺得此乃一時異變,長遠還是逃不出物競天擇的天羅地網的;時辰未到而已。

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Living Ghosts

The following report from Aljazeera (warning: contains disturbing graphics and disgusting content) offers a glimpse of one of the most blatant and evil war crimes in human history: 

Here's a more updated analysis on the use of Depleted Uranium:

Meanwhile, the war criminals lecture to a prodigiously stupid world about human rights, democracy, freedom, and . . . oh well, basically everything about their morality, such as free trade, fiscal policy, and banking principles. Surreal?

I have a few stupid questions myself:

What have the Iraqis done to deserve this? Even a tiny fraction of this (assuming all news reports are exaggerated, though the figures reported here are most likely an underestimation by about half)? Is it Weapon of Mass Destruction? Not being involved in the unspeakable terrorism behind the 911 controlled demolition?

Aiya, I’m so annoying. Just a misunderstanding okay? Big deal! 

Perhaps the addled Human Rights Champions who zapped Iraqis of all ages and gender with depleted uranium munitions by mistake would at least say sorry? (BTW, have you read my super-short story APOLOGY? What a joke!) Hmm, if little Japan is not applogising for slaughtering more than 20 million, is Big USA going to express regrets over a mere million? And Iraqis? That doesn’t sound reasonable does it? Lest anyone doubt American resolve, the US Government refuses to even disclose details of their massive bombing campaigns, making clean-up attempts near impossible.

What about the heartless apologists for the war criminals? They voted them into office, and continue to defend their atrocious policy even with hindsight. Do they have Iraqi (forget Afghan and Libya and  . . .) blood on their hands?

I know many informed Americans are just as disgusted about this as anyone else; but they are the minority, and are powerless, as is increasingly the case in democracies. Would it be more conscientious for them to actively refuse partaking in election charades in the future, endorsing one of two effectively identical puppets with separate voice boxes? Should they refrain from reflexively echoing the sales speeches of Democracy from now on?
Guo Du 14.4.2013


Aljazeera 的這篇報導 (小心:內有令人嘔心照片)  對當代人權民主老大在伊拉克的暴行作出了簡短介紹。另外一篇有關貧鈾彈的詳細的報告如下: