Saturday, 26 October 2013

Man's Last Song - Event Diary

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The HKU Library Book Talk turned out to be a great event. Every seat was taken, and the audience stayed after the talk to ask many excellent questions. All copies sold out, with orders to be delivered later. Are books back in fashion?

Watch the presentation on YouTube

This is my write up of the talk: 
Tuning into Man's Last Song 
My conjecture on what’s wrong with the world today...

這是我在港大討論“Man's Last Song“ 的中文譯本。


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News Updates

8 February 2016
Happy Chinese New Year!

Though I remain committed to indolence, the beginning of 2016 looks ominously busy. Just in the coming few weeks, there will be three events related to Man’s Last Song, in chronological disorder:

1. Feb 20, Saturday, Proverse Readers' Club Event at Dymocks, Discovery Bay. I know to many HK people, DB seems foreign. But it’s actually only a few kilometres away. Yes you do need to take a ferry because there’s water in between, but passports are not necessary. A 20-minute ferry ride from Central on a Saturday afternoon is actually a very nice way to kill time. Details can be found in the flyer below.

2. On Feb 19 (i.e. the day before the 20th) I’ll discuss with Phil Whelan on Morning Brew (RTHK 3) whether human extinction is dystopian or utopian. Tune in, or wait patiently for my link.

Here's the link to the RTHK Archive. I ended up talking a lot about "garbage" than the story. But who's to say they are unrelated? 
RTHK Morning Brew Link:

3. On March 31, I’ll give another talk at the HKU Library. This time it’ll be 45 minutes long, including Q&A. I’ll even prepare Powerpoint Slides to make it look very serious. I’ll bring only a dozen books or so for sale. If you need many many many copies for Easter presents to friends and relatives, please order in advance. Can you think of a more felicitous Easter gift than a novel about the end of mankind? I’ll post another reminder in March.

See you in one or more of the above events!

4 June 2015
Just discovered that Samsung phone users can download the Kindle App for free, and it comes with a free e-book of their choice. 
And on Samsung's Recommended Book list is Man's Last Song! 
Quite a pleasant surprise that a mobile phone company has such excellent literary taste :-) 
If you need a new phone, my recommendation is BUY Samsung!

25 March 2015
Event at the HK University Reading Club
(There'll be another on in the fall of 2015)

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TimeOut Review 
by Laura Besley

"It's Hong Kong -- but not as we know it. The year is 2090 and Song Sung, 42, is the youngest person alive. James Tam's debut novel, Man's Last Song, is a complex-yet-compelling exploration into the balance of mankind -- for individuals, as well as for humanity as a whole. This superbly written dystopian novel is appealing on many levels: for its dramatic use of Hong Kong, for the intriguing characters, for the questions raised and, more importantly, for those which are left unanswered. A highly recommended read."
Laura Besley 

Monday, 14 October 2013

A spooky coincidence during Chong Yang Festival

Yesterday was Chong Yang, one of two annual grave sweeping festivals in Chinese tradition. A few years ago, Chong Yang and Halloween fell on the same day. East met West in the afterlife. After visiting ancestral graveyards, youngsters dressed up as Count Dracula or George W Bush for a macabre good time in Lan Kwai Fong.

It was a beautiful autumn day yesterday. After the beach and lunch, we made a spontaneous visit to the Military Cemetery at Stanley, and was spooked by an uncanny coincidence... 

重阳坟头 迷离插曲

昨天重阳,天气特佳,和家人到沙滩打发了一个上午。在赤柱午饭后,经过军人坟场时突然心血来潮,带老婆和小女儿进去参观了一下。谁料一个不寻常的巧合,在几个陌生人的坟旁将我们引进了逝去的时空。 。 。