Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Age of Propaganda

Propaganda are like a virus. They enter through the eyes and ears, anchor in our head or heart, then grow and spread. Once in a while they turn epidemic, with devastating effects. 

It has been said that modern propaganda were invented in WW-I. Caricatures, novels, and poems assisted recruitment to excellent effect. Newsreels from the front was a sensational innovation. Total WW-I casualties reached 35 million. Most died without having asked why. It was unpatriotic and cowardly to question. 

Most atrocities since then had at least been partially fuelled by mass propaganda. Millions of ordinary folks had been induced to murder by surprisingly simplistic slogans. Posthumous propaganda such as cowboy movies and Islamophobic hate messages are arguably more heartless. Is it not enough to destroy a community unprovoked without demonising the dead and their children?

A scary fact about New Age Propaganda is their transient and “entertaining” nature. As long as a sensational lie is believed for the time being, when it’s needed, subsequent uncovering carries little if any consequence. The International Community’s atrophied attention and memory spans have apparently shrunk shorter than its moralising sermons. The Gulf of Tonkin conned the American people into an atrocious war. More than a million Vietnamese were killed. Tens of thousands of American young men died for nothing. The false-flag operation had since been declassified. So?





歐洲看宣傳看得滿腔熱血的後果,是四年間死傷三千五百萬人。他們把生命斷送之余,來不及問一句整場戰爭因何而打。當時來說,誰有疑問誰就是奸細懦夫,可以被 扣上手銬送上戰壕。而衝動的不單只頭腦簡單的粗人。不少貴族學院精英,也唱著校歌衝向德軍的機槍陣地,硬著頭皮吃子彈。「一戰」之中,窮的富的,貴族與賤 民,一律踴躍當兵,爭相捐軀。



Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Democracy Mission - A Conspiracy Theory

Amid the overwhelming Democracy narratives, even sensible skeptics tend to echo apologetically: “Of course we support Democracy! Who doesn’t? Just that our folks ain’t ready yet. Too stupid and uneducated you see. Sorry sorry. One day soon!” This unthinking concession, mostly a reaction to the intimidating pressure wave generated by an enormous propaganda turbine, is irrational and contrary to facts. The long-term effects of repeating the hypnotic mantra of Democracy include loss of judgement as well as the confidence to say black is black. 

What people should strive for is good governance, and a reasonably fair, rational, sustainable and civil society (which depends on the people as much as their government), NOT an ostensibly participatory Democracy controlled by greed, dominated by corrupt politicos and financial charlatans. The Chinese, having learnt numerous lessons in their long history, should feel qualified to explore a feasible balance for themselves. 

Whatever the merits of democracy, I’m more curious about its evangelical preachers. 

Democracy is a vague term, like “Christendom”, “Islamic World”, or “the West”.  Besides the democratic banner, the political landscapes of the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, India. . . don’t share many common features. In the end, I suspect Democracy could be fantastic for some, at some point in time, and disastrous for others, under different circumstances. Any system, like its human inventors, would age, turn insufferable, then die one day. Some reincarnate, others don’t.

The brute force and passion with which democracies export their faith is bewildering, reminiscent of colonial missionaries. Is the missionary complex simply a hangover from the religious past? Could there be an element of altruism in their uncontrollable urge to share a great social discovery with the rest of humanity? But. . . come on, these are ruthless invaders, operators of 21st Century torture camps and lynching drones so. . .


English: The Democracy Mission -- A Conspiracy Theory 

“民主誰不想哦?就是同胞們不爭氣,未夠資格。求大哥通融通融,咱們早晚趕上,與你齊齊民主。” 這未假思索的取向毫無理據,與事實不符,卻十分普遍,是個危險的現象。長久被催眠的人,早晚會失去客觀分析和判斷能力,和指鹿為鹿的信心,淪為二等應聲蟲。
每個老百姓所應該要求的,是一個有管治能力,盡量為民謀福利的政府,和大致公平合理的社會,而不是有招牌無實際,被政棍財閥壟斷,到處一塌糊塗,甚至生靈塗炭的 “民主” 騷。天性務實,社會經驗豐富的中國人,尤其應該有信心向這幌子說不!