Friday, 17 December 2010

Heaven (Part 1 of 2)

Heaven is available in printed form in the "Hong Kong Stories - As We See It" anthology:

Heaven (part 1 of 2)

After Gabriel fades out of sight, I let out a heavily muffled mental murmur: “So long you prissy feathery prig . . .” The juvenile remark, so unlike me, feels great.

So, this is my Day Number One of Eternal Life . . .  
I can still smell the sanitised odour of the urine bag that hung from my deathbed, and feel the warmth of soiled diaper creeping inside the prickly hospital blanket. The squeaky weeping of Elena, and the droning prayers of our son Rev. Kelvin Lee (II) still ring in my ears. And I can’t stop the phantom pulses of the monitors I was plugged into, like a car being checked at the garage. I have no idea what these things were, but had long realised they were futile. 

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Short Story: Heaven (Part 2 of 2)

I tried not to let my frustrations show. After a brief pause, I changed  the subject once more: “What about Jesus?”
“What about Him?”
“I’ve been His devout follower all my life. Can I meet Him?” I could hear my pious and reverent voice hardening but was hopeful that the situation might improve if I could meet Christ in person.
Gabriel sat down somberly in an invisible armchair, and signalled me to do the same. I lowered myself cautiously into a sitting position. I couldn’t feel any supporting furniture, or the strain of hunkering down. I finally let go completely, and came to rest in a sitting position. There are some neat things in Heaven after all.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

天堂 (上集)

我等到加百利完全消失在茫茫煙霞中之後,才鼓起勇氣,在心底里的最深一角喃喃的牢騷了幾句:「再見啦天庭公公。人不象人,鴿不象鴿, 陰陽怪氣,小心給飛機撞散哦 。。。」 如此幼稚不敬的想法,一點也不像我的所為。不過這無聊的深心一咒,卻很實在地舒緩了我胸中的慪氣,令整個靈魂貼服了少許。





Tuesday, 7 December 2010

天堂 (下集)

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「我生前是基督精兵,現在想見見他,不合理嗎?」 在短短的幾個小時內,我本來虔誠溫厚的專業傳道聲線,已經變得有點僵硬,隱隱地拖著絕望和沮喪的尾音;連我自己也聽得出來。



Friday, 3 December 2010

Wikileaks' Crimes

Julian Assange of Wikileaks, and Bradley Manning, an American soldier who’s been accused of a leaky conscience and is currently in prison in Virginia, are being ruthlessly persecuted by a Coalition of the Desperately Willing more impressive than the one that invaded Iraq. Assange is also being accused of rape. Many governments seem to be giving unprecedented attention to the felony of rape. I can’t recall another suspect being pursued with such spectacular ferocity and sweating foreheads. Can you? 
Whether Assange had indeed raped another human being is not for me to speculate. Most people have given their verdict one way or the other anyway. However, he has indeed forcibly screwed a very self-righteous system, damaging its verbose facade on all sorts of inviolable principles: Human rights, government integrity, political openness, accountability, and freedom of information and expression. He has flashed light at a dark corner, exposing hypocrisy without consent. I can understand why those unveiled feel assaulted naked - feeling on the receiving end of a molestation for a change. Furthermore, if the charge against him is fabricated, like many cynical people conjecture, then Mr. Assange should in addition be guilty of having indirectly defiled the pretence of the rule of law and respect for justice. Unforgivable, really, therefore: Crucify him! Crucify him! 
I have never met a rapist; but if I were a movie director casting for one, Julian Assange has very little chance. I might pick him for an assassin, a hacker, or math professor with a turbulent home life, but rapist . . . ? Ah, I might pick him for a Nobel laureate though. Why not? In comparison with Al Gore, uh, Dalai Lama, uh,  Obama and, uh, uh, Liu Xiao Bo . . . I’d find it much easier to compose Mr. Assange’s nomination. Before downloading a Peace Prize application, however, we need to make sure he stays alive. On that, all we can do is pray and plead: “We ask the United States to respect the freedom of information and other miscellaneous nobel principles that they hold sacred, and stop using their national might to persecute a single individual (weighing, what, 170 lbs.?) for putting some of these principles into action. Finally, Mr. Assange and Manning have the prayer of the international community, mumble jumble. God bless. Mumble jumble.”


维基泄密的创办人 阿桑奇 和一名23岁美军 曼宁(在狱中)正被以美国为首的联军追捕,参加围剿的国家比抢占伊拉克的盟国要多。听说阿桑奇还犯了强奸案,所以要出动八国联军和国际刑警缉捕。也不知什么时候开始,盟军对强奸罪的打击决心,提升到这么高的层面,要最高领导人来亲自掌舵处理。
阿桑奇有没有强奸另一个人类,我没有兴趣猜测。反正明眼人有明眼人各自的偏见。但维基泄密未得同意,奸污了一套自我赞口不绝的价值观,倒是事实。一个捍卫人权,绝对开放,讲求诚信,推崇资讯自由,表达自由的贞洁国度,被他在世人面前公然调戏了,也是有目共睹的。维基泄密虽然没有做到 “一灯灭了千年暗”,但未得同意,往人家不可侵犯的的黑暗角落打手电筒,把别人多年来辛苦经营的假面具揭掉,让真相赤裸裸地暴露,也等同强奸,理应问斩。假如阿桑奇强奸人类的罪名是生安白造出来的话,哪他更罪加一等:因为间接导致了美国亵渎了神性的法治精神,实属罪无可恕。
我从没有机会见过强奸犯。不过假如我要拍电影,想物色演员扮强奸犯的话,老实说,阿桑奇中选的机会不大。找他扮个冷面杀手,或有点神经质的大学教授,还有几分像样 。 。 。嗯,捧他当个诺贝尔和平奖得主又如何?他的提名表格,肯定比戈尔,达赖,奥巴马,刘晓波的都好作,容易填,对不对?但要他有机会拿和平奖,得首先保证他的生命安全。这点我们都没甚法子,唯有祈求美国,不要以泱泱大国,欺负一个看来不够八十公斤重的个体户。用他们的惯用口吻来说,便是:“国际社会要求美国当局尊重人权,言论自由,表达自由,立即停止对捍卫以上原则的人仕进行逼害。”