Monday, 16 February 2015

The Grievances Behind Occupy Central

Now that the Occupy Central dust has settled in the landfills, it’s time to take a step back to try to understand the nature of the discontent.

When everyone was preoccupied with Occupy Central, I noticed a general distinction between the yellow and blue sympathisers I knew. The blue ones were on average the more analytical type — techies and scientists etc. Yellow supporters tended to be more passionate than left-brained. They felt it in their heart that something needed addressing, but couldn’t quite put their finger on it. Some people could be highly intelligent, yet refuse to subordinate an emotional response to cerebral scrutiny as a matter of principle. They regard analysis less true than feeling. I feel the same way too in many things. But politics is a notable exception. Modern politics has been plagued by crafty  professionals whose job is to incite and manipulate mass emotions, and suppress rationality.

In ‘My Take on Occupy Central’ (, I suggested that OC protesters did have legitimate grievances, but were derailed, even hijacked, by dubious politicos and Democracy quacks waving the vacuous banner of Freedom and Democracy in front of their eyes.




我在早前的一篇博文佔中如何收科 裏也說過,被利用佔中的人,很多都有股值得同情和關注的怨氣,可惜被民主政棍和其他勢力舞動自由民主的漂亮標籤分了心蒙了眼,看不見怨忿的根源,其实是日益嚴重的財富差距和越來越呆滯的階級流動。