Friday, 16 December 2016

Faces of Iceland 冰岛面貌

Photogenic Iceland has been exhaustedly covered. Every visitor to Iceland has taken a picture similar to this. Perhaps I'll focus more on the faces of its fascinating people instead? 

I visited Iceland during the European cup, when their amateurish team beat some of the best footballers in Europe to enter semi-final. I too would have found that surprising had I not met its people forged by the ferocity of their enchanting landscape. In spite of the harsh climate, Icelanders remain defiantly warm at heart.

A "dottir" contemplating the future of her country. Iceland was the only country who got rid of the crooked banksters after the financial tsunami, and recovered miraculously well -- so well that the mainstream media have to keep it a secret. Icelanders seem to have a mind of their own in each and every way. They still don't use family "surnames". For example, a hypothetical Eric, son of Gunnar, will be called Eric Gunnarson. His sister Grdrun will be Grdrun Gunnardottir (daughter of Gunnar)

一个冰岛女孩在考量国家前途。冰岛是唯一在金融风暴后把“银行流氓”收监的西方国家,结果复原得很快,所以被银行家控制的“自由传媒”都不作报道。冰岛人很多方面都我行我素,到现在仍然没有改变独特的姓氏传统。举个例:一个叫 Gunnar Sorenson 的儿子 Eric 会姓 Gunnarson (意为 Gunnar 的儿子),不是Sorenson。而他的妹妹 Grdrun 的名字是 Grdrun Gunnardottir (Gunnar 的女儿),与爸爸,妈妈和哥哥都不一定同姓。