Friday, 11 September 2015

Giving American Citizenship to 300M Chinese is Win-Win

Xi and Obama should seriously discuss granting American citizenship to three hundred million Chinese. It would be a win-win-win solution to many problems.

The Chinese government, authoritarian and terrible according to Western corporate media and miscellaneous China-collapse Voodooists, has an approval rating approaching 80% from the Chinese people, according to reputable surveys such as PEW. Although an order of magnitude more popular than Democratic congresses hovering at single digit approval, it nonetheless means 300 million Chinese are unhappy with their government. That’s a big headache for the Communist Party (CCP). Furthermore, China being big, diverse, scattered and nervously on guard, CIA finds it difficult to fully develop this vast number of potential colour revolutionaries. A valuable human resource capable of causing great havoc is once again frustrated by CCP policies. It’s time that the international community, namely the USA, finds alternative means to get the most out of these disenfranchised Chinese.



根據國際民調機構(如 PEW)的報告,中國政府的民間支持率大概80%。如此高的民望,單數位的「民主國家」 望塵莫及。可惜中國太大。20%的人不滿,代表 3億之眾,不能說不是個大問題。而共產黨又處處刁難戒備,令中情局無法把這批不滿人士組織起來搞 「顏色革命」。看來美國是時候變通,好好利用這批被壓逼的中國人民。