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Update 911, Nazis, and Cultural Revolution

Truth seeking is a human spirit most amazing to some, but damn annoying to others. 

For centuries, European scientists who pointed out Earth was not the centre of the universe got thrown into Papal dungeons, but they never gave up. One wonders how something so plainly observable, once shown, could have been rejected by Galileo’s learned peers. Whatever the reason for their blindness, it is still with us today, more prevalent than ever. 

More than 10 years after the 911 drama, some continue to question how the impossible happened. Many have a background in science and engineering. They face professional pressures from government contracts, and get arbitrarily labelled “conspiracy theorists” by those who wish that Newtonian physics could be banned.

The following Danish production (with English sub-titles), is an intelligent presentation of the painfully obvious that the world has chosen not to see. The professor in it said ignoring the truth threatens our civilisation. It certainly does. But the Tolstoy quotation at the end summed up the apathy and blindness well.

If you like it, do consider making an exception and circulate it. That unfortunately is the only way to breach the Iron Curtain drawn over the Free World, by the Free Press

Another “conspiracy theorist” is Ferdinando Imposimato, the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy, former Senator who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three administrations, author or co-author of seven books, and a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy.

An excerpt of a letter written by him ( has been posted by a group of American architects and engineers who have been corrupted by (anti-American?) ideas such as gravity, mass balance, thermal dynamics, symmetry etc. at AE911Truth:

These days, more and more “Conspiracy Lunatics” are from the normally conservative professional elite, I wonder why.

In addition to the reasons previously speculated in Why People Believe in 911, I have observed that the majority, regardless of education level, would hesitate to call black black if they think (think?) that everyone else is calling it white. Eventually, mind over matter, black becomes white through the sheer power of herd mentality. Politicians who know how to manipulate this democratic distortion can use it to release greatly destructive forces.

I’m beginning to understand how civilised and disciplined Germans could become Nazis, and normally homey Chinese who had spent all their lives avoiding troubles and confrontations could feed the frenzy of a Cultural Revolution.

Update April 2013

Skyscraper Engulfed By Fire, Does Not Collapse
Comparing with WTC Building 7 (the fainthearted building that collapsed by itself at near free-fall speed without even being hit during the 911 drama), this skyscraper in Chechnya is evidently superior. For safety reasons, and to prevent loss of American lives, the US should adopt Chechen building technology until its own has caught up。

Update July 2013
A podcast with Dr. David Ray Griffin, author of a number of books on 911 incl. "The Mysterious Collapse of Building 7".

Update August 2013
Another conspiracy theorist. This one a Major General who served the US Military for 32 years. I personally prefer the "conspiracy" theories of scientists and engineers but the old soldier has a more user-friendly style.

Update October 2013
Architect Riuchard Gage's words in NYC, backed by evidence, knowledge and conviction (none of which means much these days of course) are nonetheless refreshing comparing with those of professional liars.

Update May 2014
Hey, someone else shares my comparison of 911 mass denial with Galileo! and has made an excellent video on it. This short presentation by Jonathan Cole, P.E. is definitely worth the ten minutes it takes to watch. I never thought I'd be so proud of being labelled a "conspiracy theorist", among fellow professionals who refuse to ignore fundamental physics, calling black white because most people wish it white, and out of mind.

Update Mar 2015
Another huge fire at Dubai. Look what buildings on fire look like in real life:

Update Mar 2016: Simple Experiments 

The above is a simple enough experiment hopefully digestible to all. Fundamental Physics won't change to suit the US government anyways. The truth will wait patiently for the masses to evolve 

Update April 13, 2016

A Senator Just Went on 60 Minutes Claiming the 9/11 Attackers Had “Support from Within the US”
I’ve been waiting patiently for years for fundamental physics to triumph over the Bush/Chaney horror script written across space-time with pre-Newton and post-Hollywood fantasy. Is it finally happening? Why after all these years? Perhaps Putin’s got something to be released soon so they scamper to preempt? Now, for once, this is truly just my conspiracy wild guess.
Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. If the truth doesn’t emerge this round, it will, one day soon. I’m confident that there’s a limit to Homo sapiens’ stupidity, and we’re almost there :-) This “conspiracy theorist”, a believer in Newton’s mechanics in everyday life, on Earth, continues to wait patiently.

AND, at nearly simultaneously...

I wonder what's up?

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Chinese Version: 911, 纳粹党与文革:

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