Monday, 16 July 2012

香港文革 (第一天):宣言 Hongkong Cultural Rev (Day 1): Declaration

A Democratic Cultural Revolution is happening in Hong Kong. What have I contributed? I asked myself. The question tortured my conscience. I tossed and turned all afternoon. For  the first time in years, I did not nap well. 
A revolution needs everyone’s participation. A proper cultural revolution also needs Big Character Posters and strategic sayings. That’s right! From today on, I’d organise my vision into Big Character Posters — in blood stirring slogans and tactical directives. I’d post them at home and on this blog every day in the coming week to help promote a historic moment of my great home town!
Note: Archaic Chinese and HK standard English are used here to ensure effective communication with my comrades.

Steaming Hot and Vigorous Congratulations to the Victorious Blossoming of Hong Kong’s Democratic Cultural Revolution!

Being reasonable is the elitist game of a handful. It has no democratic support and can be pooh-poohed.

Link to Day 2 鏈接第二天:Illegal Structures 潜建

革命終結篇  Final Declaration:

Guo Du 16.07.2012


Anonymous said...

To be terribly honest, I have never been fond of Democracy.

Just looking at how the mass media constantly control public opinions by selective reporting or in some case, outright false information have told me that the general public is mostly consisted of simpletons. What good do you think will come from letting such people rule the world?

In a society ruled by a dictator, all voices that speak ill of him will be silenced. Democracy is all the same: I have seen political science research which suggested that Democracy isn't good at all when it comes to promoting peace or social equality, but as far as I know, these studies never see the light of day in the public mind.

If you ask me to support Democracy, I would simply shrug and ask: You are promoting Democracy, so? Things are not getting any better. There will always be an ideologies that dominate the public mind and silence all voices that oppose it, no matter what lies it spit.

James Tam 谭炳昌 (过渡) said...

I think there's nothing wrong with "so called democracy" ("so called" because most democracy pushers are in love with the word without having given much thought to the ideology) or any other political system. Anything could work for a while (look at Victorian monarchy, the earlier part of the Qing Dynasty, etc. etc. And if the leadership system back in Stone Age did not work, we wouldn't be here would we?). But nothing works forever (look at most members of the Democracy Empire now).

Democracy driven by money is a great way to select opportunistic "followers" who promise everyone their own moon if elected. Leadership is stifled rather than developed under the system. An honest and competent statesman would never get past municipal level in democratic politics. And no self-respecting individual would wear a yellow plastic name-band across his chest and scream at pedestrians in Wan Chai.

BUT, the most important point is: If some countries like it, go ahead, have fun. Just leave others alone to do their own things. My question to them is: "If there isn't a hidden agenda, why not let heathens who don't believe in Democracy rot and suffer under their dictators? Why be such a nuisance to save skeptical souls huh?"

I have belaboured the point, as usual. You might find this little story amusing: