Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Man's Last Song: Images

It’s 2090: Global population is less than half a million; median age about sixty. After forty years of universal sterility, humanity is vanishing while the rest of the planet makes a comeback. A small group of survivors in Hong Kong face the challenge of adjusting to life as post-modern savages, rediscovering instincts long suppressed by civilisation. The concrete skeleton of the metropolis looks the same from a distance, but is empty inside.
在2090年,人类经过四十年的不育,只剩下五十万左右的残余分子,他们的平均年龄,大概六十岁吧。在香港,几个来自不同背景的 “文明过后原始人” ,生活在大都会的遗骸之中,身心都要作出调整,来应付一个新的“洪荒世界”。香港远看风貌依然,内里万户萧疏。

Looming 阴霾
Faded Central 萧疏中环

Green Revolution 绿色革命
Takeover 新主人翁

Twilight Zone 暮色
Beyond Neverland 惶恐滩外
Guji 孤寂

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