Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Why use credit cards? 干嘛要用信用卡?

Why use credit cards?
I like to use cash. Why use a credit card unless it’s to keep track of claimable business expenses, do internet shopping, or spend money that I don’t have at a criminally high interest rate?
They try to make me worry about losing cash. Sure, that might happen once or twice in an entire lifetime. But credit cards could also be lost, resulting in more hassle and greater potential losses if I fail to notice and report in time. The total value of credit card frauds due to lost cards is US$50 billion per year.
Are credit cards more convenient? Not if you live in the city with an ATM on every block. I also find it reassuring to have a couple of weeks’ worth of petty cash in my pocket: My money, in my pocket, for the time being. It feels good.
Most importantly, when using credit cards for no reason other than the persuasive power of advertisements, I know I’d be penalising the average small business operator (who must trim every penny to remain competitive), and benefit banks who have done ZILCH in the transaction except sitting there, waiting to take a cut from someone else’s labour. 
They try to bribe me with bonus points. But bonus for what? Look at all that junk. Do I really need them? Am I going to spend like an idiot in order to move some of these unneeded items from the warehouse to my home? 
Last of all, frequent use of credit cards puts me on everyone’s junk mail list, and leaves a trail of my whereabouts. And what if my ass caught fire in the next financial kaboom? With all the plastic in my wallet, it might just give off toxic fumes.
袋现金怕丢?信用卡也有丢的时候呀!正常人一生总会丢一两次荷包吧,如果丢的是现金,丢了便丢了。假如是信用卡,又来不及报案,可能会引致相等于信贷限额的损失。每年由于失卡所导致的损失是 五百亿 美元哦。

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Banker said...

Mr. Cave man - I bet you like counting money. You can come and work for us. What is the most expensive stuff you ever brought and paid in cash....