Thursday, 17 February 2011

Temple Street Cabaret 廟街歌廳

Temple Street is home to Hong Kong's famous night market. Comprising just a few city blocks, it's a time capsule, preserving a James Bond version of the Orient: Street-side Dai Pai Dong eateries, marjong gambling dens, vendors selling snake biles, hidden brothels, outdoor Cantonese operas, fortune tellers with card-picking birds, old folks hanging around the park, absorbing energy from the bustle, while waiting for it to disperse so they can sleep. 
On the side, nearly unnioticed, are a few cabarets. A few months ago, I ventured inside and used my dated phone to take a few snapshots of the honky-tonk kept languidly alive by ageing customers. When they weren’t singing, they played cards with the boss, sipped tea, drank beer, chatted, napped, or just sat and watched their favourite nightclub fading in front of their eyes. 


Guo Du 2.2011

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