Thursday, 21 August 2014

Beautiful North (3) - Finland Special Lights 美丽北国(3)-芬兰之光

Long time no see Finland. I saw light everywhere, gleaming, glinting, blazing, more dramatic than before, enchanting as usual. And thank you for the rainbow. . .


Did I say "Let there be light"?  

Anyways, and there was light!  

glinting off crispy water,  

setting the clouds ablaze. . .   红透了半边天。 。 。

The sun and moon, overlapping in long summer shifts

Forging, golden pine and silver birch  孕育金树银桦
Amber twilight   琥珀黄昏
Midnight sun, reluctant to go   子夜将至,落日依依
Moon outshining the redundant lighthouse (around 1:30 a.m.!)
深夜月光,在幽蓝的天边照着休假中的灯塔 (大概深夜1点半)
Perfect stillness, harmony   平静和谐  水天一色

Broken by precipitous tempest   瞬间波谲云诡
Frothing, turning, testing. . .  处处波澜白浪  考验能耐。。。

A rainbow, finally, opens a new story. . .

James Tam 
August 2014


Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery, beautiful life

Anonymous said...

Fabulous light - makes Finland a warm temptation instead of a cold, dark and distant place!


JN said...

Beautiful pics James, Finland looks amazing.

James Tam 谭炳昌 (过渡) said...

Thanks guys. Finland was indeed amazing and warm. Water temperature being in the high 20s was the hottest conversation topic in July. Unheard of! said the old Finns. I suppose some will find global warming more cosy than others.

Anonymous said...

Looks incredible. I would have my mouth open the whole time, which might be inconvenient when swimming! You can't steal a rainbow but hope you mentally packed yours for home.

Yu Ringo said...


Anonymous said...

I love this 'light-story' of yours of a Finish summer. Light is life. And rainbows make it a wonder. Merci, Monsieur Balzac!

James Tam 谭炳昌 (过渡) said...

Merci mon ami !