Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Beautiful North (2) - Canada 美丽北国(2)-加拿大

A secluded corner in Ontario, encountered only by fate, is enchanted with northern magic. In its charm, mundane reality loses substance. Magic can of course be a spell also. Failing to harness its power, one could be trapped by its beauty, sapped of life, never to escape.
I find the northern seasons enthralling. The spring air is filled with hope, not moisture. Summer is exuberant, indulging with light. With the first sign of autumn heralded by maples and sumacs, the aestival landscape turns brightly colourful in front of our eyes. Then day by day, leaf by leaf, the transient brilliance of the fall would be claimed by the winter snow. Vast forests are now bare, allowing us to see through, looking forward to spring, in great silence.
Even in the artificial environment of the cities, the climate up north reminds us of nature's ruthless vicissitudes. By comparison, the gentle south seems prosaic and uneventful.

O Canada! 枫叶之国

Light image 光影
Twilight 薄暮彩霞

Where people recharge the land 户外茅厕:回馈大地
Human Cottage 人间小筑
Mist Salutation 雾之礼

Dog 狗
Cat 猫

Garden Salad 自种自足
Summer Fair 夏季游乐场

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