Sunday, 17 July 2011

Why People Believe in 911

More than ten years after the 911 drama, when emotion should have long ebbed, and with so much video evidence to show the WTC collapsed without regard to fundamental science, the official story is still believed by many. Why? 
Here are my speculations:
1) A lack of courage (rather than judgement) to face the unthinkable monstrosity and corollary helplessness might have forced many to turn the other way. After all, dismissing the valid questions as a "conspiracy theory" is much less disturbing (and more energy efficient) to the mind than research and analysis.
2) Faith: Ah, that Enemy Number ONE against human reasoning again. Admitting the implausibility of 911 would naturally imply some degree of conspiracy involving the government. Some prefer to believe that the US government, so verbally dedicated to morality, couldn't have committed such an atrocity. So, evidence matters little; faith based beliefs are by definition impervious to objective reasons. 
3) General ignorance in its more innocent and blissful form. We have that in abundance, of course.
Some might ask: Where are the “insiders”? 

Well, I do have a novelist's vision on how it could have been executed but that's another story. There are in fact numerous respectable and authoritative figures who have questioned, and continued to question; but their voices would not be heard on CNN, the BBC and other mouthpieces of that ilk. But unless they switch off the internet and ban Newtonian physics, these questions won’t go away. 

Besides the links provided in “Remember the Gulf of Tonkin?”, the excellent Danish presentation provided in (Update 911, Nazis and the Cultural Revolution:, and Robert Fisk of the Independent (, many "insiders", including retired senior military officers, have asked legitimate questions - all unanswered.

Tony Farrell, a Principle Police Intelligence Officer in Britain, got dismissed for questioning 911 and the July 7 London underground bombing, and what could be the real threat to Britain that deserves attention. We can decide for ourselves whether he’s a radical liar, raving lunatic, or a professional intelligence officer who smelt fish and decided to blow the whistle. 

Professor David Ray Griffin, and Ex-CIA Ray McGovern could also be interesting starting points for those who wish to form their own opinion based on a wider range of information (and there are tons) rather than a fantastical bipartisan narrative.

Below are some organisations and links in quest of the 9/11 truth. There are so many "conspiracy theorists" among professionals who have spent entire careers designing buildings and structures, one would think the situation should worry one way, or the other. . .

Raving Engineers and Architects:
Unpatriotic Soldiers!
And many more conspiracy theorists including firefighters, pilots etc. etc.

Podcast with Dr. David Ray Griffin, author of a number of books on 911 incl. "The Mysterious Collapse of Building 7".


Roast duck said...

pretty scary stuff! unfortunately the politicians have successfully turned the mass public to believe their version of the truth and the whistle blowers will be labelled as liars, lunatics or worse......traitors! didn't help when al qaeda admitted that they carried the 911 job.

as i have always said when a lie is being told over and over again not only the people who have been lied to believe it is true even the liars believe they told the truth!

I am sure they will find a way to silent him!

Guo Du 过渡 said...

You're right. An al qaeda is very easy to put together though. . . Why else do you pay tax to keep the CIA going? The focus should be to face this impossible event as being impossible though, and start asking "what really happened?" then take it from there with an open mind.

Yet more "lunatics" with very impressive American credentials are still asking this question. See this link, for example:

Roast duck said...

You are also right in pointing out that people are not brave enough to face the truth! I am a fighter for truth never gets me any where! What does that tell you? I am not even a speck of dust on the whole picture and I understand what is going on more than the mass public but I dont have a voice or shall I say people would brush me off as a radical!