Thursday, 23 June 2011

Why they freed Ai Wei Wei 为何释放艾未未

I know why they freed Ai Wei Wei. 
Now, just my conspiracy theory: China knows that the International Human Rights Community has been kept unduly busy over Ai, and feels bad about it. It’s like wasting police resources over a petty thief while the big robber goes berserk bombing, torturing, murdering and looting unnoticed. Now that China has let Ai go, perhaps the force of  righteousness could be redirected at Guatanamo? Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya and . . . ? Sorry sorry, Libya doesn’t count. It’s a humanitarian mission aimed at protecting the Libyans; the Central Bank was just a sideline job, my apologies. But the rest is valid nonetheless, and a lot more is coming.
It’s a pity that Ai's going to miss his Nobel Prize though. For a while, I suspected that he was a Chinese trick to overwhelm the Nobel Prize with 60m mud squeezing artists and a few hundred thousand chanting monks, year after year after year. Evidently, I was being too cynical as usual . . .
中国政府知道艾未未一事,令到国际人权分子忙不过来,所以没有时间监察美国在本土,“关塌哪妈”,伊拉克,阿富汗, 利比亚 。 。 。 等等等等 的人权状况。呃,等多一等,利比亚不算数。利比亚属于人道行为,因为 “噢斑马” 说过,去利比亚是为了拯救利国人民;第一时间搞了间 “美资利比亚中央银行” 只不过是附带任务,纯属巧合。反正我认为中国是觉得由于艾未未一个肥佬,搞到全世界团团转,有如浪费警力:试想,众家丁为了追个小扒手,任由汪洋大盗杀人放火抢劫兼强奸,无法无天,实在说不过去。所以良心发现,把老艾放了。
我本来希望中国会发动五六千万个会写新诗或捏泥公仔的同胞,和几十万不大会诵经的密宗和尚,把未来五十年的诺贝尔奖都由炎黄子孙承包下来,让挪威全国的空凳,通通派上用场。这个壮举,在当今国际形势之下,本来是大有成功希望的。无奈北京好像没有这份闲情和野心 。 。 。可惜,可惜。

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