Saturday, 18 June 2011

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin? 有人记得东京湾吗?

Anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin? Probably not. It worked. Therefore Vietnam. How many died? Anything done after the lie was declassified? Nope. Then 911. 

Hopefully, people won't just let this one go. The following links give us some hope. Some of the most conservative citizens of America are not letting this go. Conspiracy theorists? Uh, not your usual bunch anyway: Mostly engineers, military experts, many Republicans; British MP under Blair, and German MP who worked in the secret service; families of the 911 victims, etc.  Not a single conventional "radical" in case you wonder. 

When something so plainly impossible happens, yet so many are willing to believe the official story, or let it pass because they don't want to face the uncomfortable truth, atrocities much more terrible than Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya . . . WILL continue to happen. Why not? It works so well . . .


911 是一件历史性大事故,是一件违反基本科学原理的大事故,充满了好莱坞电影手法。假如大部分人都愿意相信,或因为没有勇气面对真相而放弃追究,那么更离谱的事情,将会继续发生,制造更多的战祸和悲剧。伊拉克,阿富汗,利比亚 。 。 。只不过是开始而已。

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