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Distraction: Currency War 题外话:货币战争

从朋友口中感觉到外面的世界最近好像比较紧张,所以在网上扫瞄了一下新闻。在英国 金融时报 (Financial Times)中看到 Martin Wolf 的评论:“如何跟顽固的中国打货币战争”。还不是那 “三幅被”?义正词严地叫 中国人学他们,多花点,不要储蓄。呵,还有,升值。
没错,外面在打“货币战争”,但此战并非今天才开始打,人家一早已过了“芦沟桥”,只不过我们香港有些市民特别好客,一见有来宾过了桥,打着 “自由经济” 和博爱民主的动人旗号,便急忙替他洗尘按脚,没有留意到侵略行为而已。
哎,哪有不打的可能?美国于不久的将来,即使全民不吃不住,GDP 也不够还利息。可能吗?我从来不是计划自己个人投资的高手,但想到外面那么多废纸假扮 “金钱”,越扮越七情上面,实在有点不寒而栗 。 。 。
我口多多在 Martin Wolf 的评论下面留了个言,可以在以下网址看到: feed://。哪么短的几句,不好翻译,翻了过来失了口气;但内容与我的故事有点吻合,所以尽管把心中话来个中文版。大意如下:
“人类面临前所未有的环境和资源挑战,正因为有些人所推动的 ‘挥霍型贪婪经济’ 所致。哈,这批人现在不但不悬崖勒马,还满口仁义道德,去教训,说服,施压于中国,希望这人口大国也跟他们一样:买!卖了扔!丢!再买!跟他们买!我丢!哇,再加上把人民币升值百分之三十,全球经济肯定好刺激,得以‘回复秩序’。妙!最少可以奏效两三天。唷,两三天,对一个只有几年政治眼光的人来说,可不算短啦!”

过渡随笔  8。12。2010

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I did something unusual this morning: A lot seems to be happening around the currencies these days so I logged in to the Financial Times to check it out. I randomly came across an article by Martin Wolf, attracted by the caption “How to fight currency war with stubborn China.” Oh well, the same old tirade: China manipulates its currency (eh, not the US? Europe? Japan? and everyone else?) and a few wise words to advise how China may stimulate consumption (which, unfortunately, out of no option, it will).
Yes, there’s a currency war out there; there’s been a currency war out there. The Americans must find a way to get rid of their debts (or they won’t be able to pay interest with their entire GDP soon), and they won’t do it by working hard and saving. That’d be so un-American you know. But by hook or by crook, they must find a way to default in a self-righteous manner. 
I don’t know how you plan your investments. I certainly never know how to plan mine. But I won’t be shocked if money simply evaporate one day, disappearing back into the thin air where it came from in the first place  . . . So, be careful!
Below are the comments I left with the FT (feed://

“While humanity faces unprecedented threats against itself because of those who promote the artificial selection of Homo-consumer genes, the same people are now lecturing, coercing, pressuring, others to do the same, often with a moral tone. Let's stimulate the economy: BUY, throw, and buy more. Introduce Christmas stockings to China! Why not? It'd work for a day or two, and make sanctimonious people with, you know, stuff like work ethic in a free economy triumphant for just as long. Oh well, two days are a relatively long time for those with a political vision of a maximum of four years so . . . Alas.”

Guo Du

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