Thursday, 3 March 2016

Trump for President

The US election is a reality show which many outsiders follow as if their own. But non-Americans of the Brave New World should remember there’s no point agonising over the theatric competition. Entertainment is just entertainment. Don’t risk hypertension over it. Moreover, pardon my perennial repetition: Whoever wins makes no difference. That said, I still have an impertinent preference for Donald I over Clinton II, and I’m not even being sarcastic.

Many non-Americans irrationally cringe at the prospect of a President Trump. Well, I confess I wouldn’t want a friend like him. My contact list is full. But the arguments against him, from an outsider’s perspective, are mostly invalid or irrelevant.

First of all, his hairstyle. But hairstyle is no more reliable a reference than the NYT in making political choices. Okay, Donald seems an unapologetic asshole. Nobody can deny that. Bush I ins’t? Bush II isn’t? Clinton I? Obama the Peace Prize Change Drone Guy? And the warmongering Clinton II isn’t?! They all are, to astounding extents. That means Donald’s the first American politician in recent times who seems what he is. That’s refreshing, nearly honourable, certainly more American according to popular mythology.

Fine, he’s said outrageous thing. He said he’d build a wall along the Mexican border. Do you believe that? So he’s obviously hyperbolising. Isn’t that a lot less deceiving than Obama, sincerity twinkling in his eyes, emphatically promising to close down Guatanamo Bay the day after inauguration, nearly eight years ago? Donald’s made nasty remarks about Muslims. But if he’s elected, the true face of America would be revealed through the ballot box. The world has waited a very long time for that. Thank you Donald! Furthermore, if I were Muslim, I’d prefer nasty remarks than bombs and drones upon my wives and children, followed by relentless heartless demonisation. Of course Donald can add bombs to verbal insults too. But being a pragmatic gangster, there’s a credible chance that his foreign policy will be less ideologically driven. Imagine — no more American ideology! Dream fellow Earthlings. Dream!

Would the Powers That Be allow President Trump to be his own cowboy? Fat chance. But herein lies the most intriguing part about this election, especially for Americans. Trump could be a credible resistance to the invisible Emperor. One or two US politicians talk about revolution, but they’re all too much a part of the establishment game to take it past rhetorics. Trump, on the other hand, seems to know the rapidly expanding American grassroots without being one himself. I know I know. The chance of a President Trump rebelling against the ruling oligarchy and military-industrial complex is infinitesimally small, but larger than zero, and orders of magnitudes better than the other candidates. So if I were American, I’d say: Why not? What are the options anyways?

So. Go Donald Go!
James Tam 2016.03.03


Joyalso said...

"Why not?" Rabid, rampant racism and xenophobia for starters. This is very worrying because once these violent racists get the go-ahead sign, I think it will be even mmore open season on non-whites and to control it is like trying to put the genii back into the bottle: easier said than done. As an American, I don't think the ugliness will disappear anytime soon.

James Tam 谭炳昌 (过渡) said...

You're right Joyalso. No the ugliness won't disappear before the vicious cycle of money politics ends, and that won't be easy. The American people must be tired of watching one lying president occupying the White House after another. All they get is astronomical debts and a lot empty rhetorics. I believe the American masses are not as stupid as the top 0.1% think they look but then I'm only an outside observer.

Christopher said...

Yours is an arresting and evocative portrait of the phenomenon that is Donald Trump.

The age we live in - or at least "the age" that Americans live in - might best be described as the Age of Narcissism, as evidenced by the ubiquity of the "selfie".

Therefore, how appropriate it is that that veritable embodiment of preening narcissism, Donald Trump, seems now likely to become the next President.

In a "democracy" the people usually get the rulers (or president) they deserve. No more so than in America.

In last night's Republican debate (on Fox News) "The Donald" made an indirect reference to the satisfactory size of his penis. Only in America............

James Tam 谭炳昌 (过渡) said...

Thanks Christopher. When the average American understands that the value of any "tool" depends not on size, but how it's used, the world would be a safer place in general :-) I just hope all this entertainment will not result in pointless conflicts and destructions. Unfortunately, the alternative, though much less entertaining, seems even more threatening to world peace.