Sunday, 18 May 2014

Impressions from Iran (2) — Persian Bazaars 伊朗印象(2)- 波斯市集

Tehran Bazaar 德黑兰市集 

Whenever I visit a strange place, I like to see its markets. They tell me a lot about the locals’ lives, habits, social order, living standard, and behaviour towards each other. For example, supermarkets are efficient, impersonal, and cold, while advertising “organic” produce. I wonder who invented them. 

Persian Bazaars are colourful, personal, and busy, but clean and quiet comparing with their Far East counterparts. Iranians do bargain, but not at the expense of sanity and composure. They don’t scream and exchange curses ritualistically before finalising a deal. The bazaars open early in the morning, then take a long nap after lunch before resuming in the late afternoon. Normally, there’s a seemingly incongruous tomb of an imam and/or a religious school in the midst of fragrant herbs and sticky candies, probably to remind people of their spiritual needs while depraving the bodies with yummy food and colourful fabrics.



Iranians have a Yin Yang "hot" "cold" concept in food similar to the Chinese

Afternoon Nap  午后小睡 能养天年

Apple Seller openly counting his millions. No worries about getting mugged

Looks like a specialty store doesn't it? Owner was off somewhere chatting, leaving it unattended

Three wise men watching time pass

Many arts and crafts were created in the shops

A retired arts professor running his own shop


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Fantastic travelogue!

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The photos are full of life.