Saturday, 16 February 2013

春节掠影 Chinese New Year Snapshots

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Snake Year! 

I hibernated during the holidays. But between indulging meals and fitful naps, I did make some notes and jot down a few writing ideas. Slithering through the scattered pages now, I’m discovering that writing doesn’t necessarily work better with organisation. I normally just turn the computer on when an idea strikes me. It’d be done and sent before I have a chance to regret or fully appreciate the pointlessness of it. Now that there’s a list in front of me, all my good ideas look kind of tired, like gourmet dishes that have turned cold and unappetising. Perhaps I’d be hungry enough to reheat one in the microwave in a day or two. 

Meanwhile, a few pictures to mark the New Year. Two of them are by my great friends Anne-Marie and Richard. I'm fully responsible for the goofy titles. 




Empty Lantern Flowers 空心灯笼花

“Fishy Talisman” by mon ami Amazing Anne-Marie
朋友安玛丽的大作 “一帆风顺”

New Year Revolution

“Hong Kong Big Bang” by Richard Kok

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